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Barbie: The Movie Review

Perhaps, we all have grown up by seeing barbie in one way or the other, in movies, over bed-time stories either ready it to our childs or listening, we actually dream of living the Barbie’s life at one point in time…

The fantasy-comedy movie Barbie, which is based on the Mattel dolls, has just been released in theaters. In fact, the movie’s promotion has been unlike anything — even the Google color itself into “Pink”

It’s been obvious to set high standard and expect Barbie to be a great movie, when you know that Greta Gerwig who has already given Oscar nominated movies like “‘Lady Bird” and “Little Woman” is teh director. There have been a number of obstacles along the way, and the movie’s production has generally been a nightmare to bring this movie to the screen

Let’s admit, there would have been no one better than Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling who have been given justice to the role of Barbie. However, they are not the only actors who portray the characters in the movie, and there are numerous variations much like with real dolls.

Barbie’ has always been liked in the image of a perfect doll, in which there is no scope for any flaws. Be it the looks or the outfit or her house, or even her accessories, everything is as captivating as a fairy tale, but what happens when ‘Barbie’ herself questions the perfect image she has set over the years.

In the search of self-existence, rather than showing Barbie in the age-old stereotype form of women, Director Greta Gerwig has challenged her role.

About barbie Movie: Barbie was living in her own dreamland, but suddenly when one day she had a thought of death…then, she is sent to real world of humans, so that he can find out the imperfections….in which Ken also accompanies her. And, the adventures of real life happens to both off them. Ken also realises that his role in real world stands out for lot other things, apart from just loving Barbie.

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Greta’s story telling as a director has to be appreciated. She portrayed Barbie, who is beautiful and can achieve anything, be it a doctor, lawyer, Nobel laureate, astronaut, but when she finds herself unattractive and unworthy, then her tears and emotions could not stop. In a scene through the real world, Gloria (America Ferreira) confronts the expectations of women and the ungrateful attitude towards them. This scene touches the heart.

Greta may appear to be advocating feminism, but does not let the entertainment moments of the film decrease. Whenever the story is serious due to its issue, the director avoids burdening it with songs and comedy punches…

Others characters like America Ferrara, Kate McKinnon, Will Ferrell, Emerald Fennell and other other supporting cast have been just as good and has given complete justice to their role.

Hope, you all will find out sometime to get into this beautiful adventure with Barbie and Ken…

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